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Global Coastal Algal Bloom

Basic descriptions The Global Coastal Algal Bloom Dataset is derived from daily MODIS satellite images with a resolution of 1 km, totaling 0.76 million images globally, spanning the period from 2003 to 2020. It captures the occurrences of coastal blooms for 126 out of 153 ocean-bordering countries worldwide. Compared to prior global coastal phytoplankton datasets

Global Lake Algal Bloom

Basic descriptions This dataset provides maximum bloom extent (MBE, in km2) and median bloom occurrence (BO, in %) for 21,878 freshwater lakes worldwide in the entire period (1980s-2010s) and three sub-periods (1980–1990s, 2000s and 2010s), which was generated using Landsat satellite observation between 1982 to 2019. Data download The shapefiles are publicly available at this lab

China Lake Algal bloom

Basic descriptions The “China lake algal bloom” dataset describes the algal bloom conditions in 103 Chinese lakes affected by algal blooms over the past two decades (2003 to 2020). It is a dataset that includes annual scale data of algal bloom occurrence (BO), onset time (Onset), potential occurrence period (POP), and maximum bloom extent (MBE). The dataset was compiled