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Global Coastal Nuclear Power Plant Thermal Plume

Basic descriptions

The GCNT-Plume dataset provides a comprehensive spatial distribution of the long-term occurrence and temperature increments of thermal plumes discharged from a total of 74 discharge outlets associated with 66 nuclear power plants located along global coastlines and the Great Lakes during their operational periods. This dataset is generated by segmenting thermal anomalies observed in Landsat satellite thermal infrared images, utilizing the U-Net model, and incorporating prior knowledge such as the locations of drainage outlets. The dataset can serve as a baseline for on-site sampling and dynamic process modeling, facilitating in-depth research into the impact of anthropogenic thermal discharges on aquatic ecosystems.

Data download

The Global Coastal Nuclear power plant Thermal Plume (GCNT-Plume) dataset can be obtained through the zenodo platform:

Related Publications

Wei, J., Feng, L.*, Tong, Y.*, Xu, Y., & Shi, K. (2023). Long-term observation of global nuclear power plants thermal plumes using Landsat images and deep learning. Remote Sensing of Environment, 295, 113707.