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China Lake Algal bloom

Basic descriptions

The “China lake algal bloom” dataset describes the algal bloom conditions in 103 Chinese lakes affected by algal blooms over the past two decades (2003 to 2020). It is a dataset that includes annual scale data of algal bloom occurrence (BO), onset time (Onset), potential occurrence period (POP), and maximum bloom extent (MBE). The dataset was compiled using an automated algal bloom surface scums detection algorithm for MODIS images based on a normalized floating algal index and the Commission on Illumination colorimetry system. This algorithm was then applied to 35,556 daily MODIS Rrc images acquired between 2003 and 2020 to hindcast the spatial and temporal dynamics of lacustrine algal blooms in 103 lakes in China.

Figure. Spatial distribution of the long-term mean (i.e., climatology) and change rate of the BOy (%) and MBE (km2) for 103 lakes between 2003 and 2020. Climatological (a) BOy and (c) MBE. Changing rate in (b) BOy and (d) MBE. The histogram for each metric is demonstrated within the panel.

Data download

The China lake algal bloom database is publicly available at this lab webpage via the following link:

Related Publications

Wang, Y., Feng, L., & Hou, X. (2023). Algal blooms in lakes in China over the past two decades: Patterns, trends, and drivers. Water Resources Research, 59(10), e2022WR033340