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Global Lake Surface Water Temperature

Basic descriptions

The GLAST dataset is a comprehensive, high-temporal-resolution global lake surface temperature dataset, covering 92,245 lakes worldwide (with 36% located in the Arctic region) from 1981 to 2099. This dataset is generated through lake-specific calibrated simulations using the FLake model, with meteorological data as the driving force. The parameter calibration is achieved by using instantaneous lake surface temperature observations derived from Landsat thermal infrared images, serving as the simulated boundary at an hourly scale for the lake model. Users can leverage this dataset to conduct in-depth research on lake warming and its associated ecological impacts, such as algal blooms, as well as variations in hydrodynamic processes, including lake surface evaporation.

Data download

The Global LAke Surface water Temperature (GLAST) dataset can be obtained through the zenodo platform:

Related Publications

Tong, Y., Feng, L.*, Wang, X., Pi, X., Xu, W., & Woolway, R. I. (2023). Global lakes are warming slower than surface air temperature due to accelerated evaporation. Nature Water. 1: 929–940.