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Global gridded aerosol models for atmospheric correction

Basic descriptions

The global gridded aerosol models constitute a comprehensive dataset integrating aerosol models on a spatial grid (5° × 5°) at a climatological monthly scale, encompassing a total of 3,207 new aerosol models. These models cover 310 grid cells across global inland and coastal regions, aiming to enhance the precision of atmospheric corrections for inland and nearshore waters. The gridded aerosol models are derived from data collected at 1,475 Aerosol Robotic Network (AERONET) sites distributed in inland and coastal regions. The adoption of gridded aerosol models could significantly boosting the accuracies of atmospheric corrections in inland and coastal waters, representing a notable advancement compared to the occasion of using standard aerosol models.

Presently, the aerosol model provides tailored Aerosol Look-Up Tables (LUTs) designed for MODIS Aqua platform applications. These LUTs enable users to directly access aerosol properties at a climatological monthly scale for specific regions, including extinction coefficient, phase functions, single scattering albedo, and Ångström exponent. Furthermore, the LUTs offer coefficients defining the relationships between aerosol single (ρas) and multiple (ρa) scattering reflectance, along with coefficients for calculating diffuse transmittance in atmospheric correction calculations. The aerosol LUTs could be integrated into the SeaDAS software to facilitate the launching of atmospheric correction processing for inland and coastal regions.

Aerosol LUTs dataset information

scattscattering angles
solzsolar zenith angles
senzsensor view zenith angles
phirelative azimuth angles
albedosingle scattering albedo
extcextinction coefficient
angstromÅngström coefficient
phasescattering phase function
acost bcost ccostquadratic coefficient of SS to MS function
dtran_wavewavelengths of diffuse transmittance coefficient
dtran_thetazenith angles of diffuse transmittance coefficient
dtran_a dtran_bcoefficient of diffuse sensor transmittance
dtran_a0 dtran_b0coefficient of diffuse solar transmittance

Data download

The aerosol LUTs for MODIS Aqua are available at Figshare platform:

Related Publications

Zhao, D., Feng, L.*, & He, X. (2023). Global gridded aerosol models established for atmospheric correction over inland and nearshore coastal waters. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 128, e2023JD038815.